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Take Control of Your Egress Traffic

Get unparalleled visibility into and control over the egress traffic from your core application environments.

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The Qpoint Solution

Egress Visibility and Control Platform

With Qpoint, platform engineering teams can enhance observability, increase operational resilience, and apply zero trust security principles to the egress traffic from their core production applications, third-party software, and foreign devices.

83% of API traffic is web traffic

Enhanced Observability

Discover which applications are connecting externally, continuously monitor traffic, and get real-time insights into third-party API usage.

Get visibility into API token usage and map sources and destinations for all requests containing PII.

Index observability 2x 1

Operational Resilience

Get visibility into the performance of endpoints and real-time detection of anomalies or issues.

Detect rate limits before they occur to prevent throttling and impacts to production applications.

Operational resilience 3x

Zero Trust Security

Restrict access to external endpoints based on application or service identities.

Scrub PII and other sensitive data from outgoing requests.

Security Tookkit

A Universal Platform for Full Control Over Egress

A Flexible Solution to a Multi-faceted Problem

Q Product

Deploy an eBPF agent on every host to discover external dependencies, monitor egress traffic, and scan for sensitive data.

Q Proxy

Deploy a virtual access point on the network to restrict access to external resources based on identity, scrub sensitive data, and selectively transform or block requests.