I hope my 3rd party APIs are secure & reliable

Identify and inspect all 3rd Party API endpoints intertwined across applications to quickly observe, troubleshoot and remediate.

Third party API gateway

How well do you know your third-party APIs?

Your developers are pulling 3rd-party vendor dependencies into your applications, that exfiltrate your company data via external APIs. You need visibility and control

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Install
$ kubectl create -f https://install.qpoint.io/k8s/operator.yaml
Step 2 - Activate Apps & Services
Step 3 - Allow / Reject / Monitor

Untangle third-party APIs for more resilient and secure applications

Observe Hundreds of APIs

Simply change your third-party API endpoint URL to a Qpoint gateway or automatically push outbound requests through the Qpoint API proxy for transparent enforcement — it’s your call.

Quickly Troubleshoot API Errors

Qpoint identifies API errors when they happen and immediately notifies you so you can quickly fix the issue — even if the error code doesn’t give you context.

Avoid Downtime before Hitting Your API Rate Limit

Qpoint helps you identify apps and teams nearing or exceeding your API rate limit so you can act before it’s too late.

Simplify and Secure API Token Management

Instead of distributing API tokens to individual apps and devs, Qpoint can inject your API token before forwarding the request to provide secure, policy-based API access with tokens for each app or team.

See and Control the Flow of Sensitive Data

Qpoint lets you see sensitive data and payloads before they leave your network and provides easy-to-use controls to scrub or mask anything you don’t want shared with vendors.
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