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Take Control of Your Egress Traffic

Use Qpoint to get unparalleled visibility into and control over the egress traffic from your production environments without impacting application team productivity.

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Why Qpoint

Without adequate control over egress traffic, unauthorized internal agents or malicious intruders can easily exfiltrate sensitive data from production databases.

With Qpoint, platform teams can apply zero trust principles to egress to reduce the risk of sensitive data exposure, while increasing observability and enhancing operational resilience.

83% of API traffic is web traffic

Increase Observability

Discover which applications are connecting externally, continuously monitor traffic, alert on anomalous behavior, and get real-time insights into third-party API usage.

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Zero Trust for Egress

Use identity-based policy to restrict access to external endpoints and ensure that only approved interactions are allowed. Get visibility into API token usage and map sources and destinations for all requests containing PII.

Security Tookkit

Third-Party API Gateway


Platform and infosec teams can leverage Qpoint to discover, manage, and secure third-party API usage across environments, without impacting application team velocity.


Discover & Monitor

Discover third-party API dependencies. Get real-time insights and alerting for third-party API traffic flows.

Unknown vendors discovery

Virtual API Tokens

Virtual Tokens

Disposable tokens are easily issued and revoked for granular control and history for clear visibility into who is using the API when.

Access to the vendor token is restricted to your secret management process increasing token security and easing key rotation

Enforce Security Policy


Restrict access to external endpoints to ensure that only approved interactions are allowed.

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"Qpoint revolutionizes egress traffic management for techops, offering a unique blend of real-time insights, integrated security, and adaptable middleware in a scalable cloud platform.”

Kris Beevers

CEO @ Netbox Labs

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Qpoint gives enterprises the power to intelligently identify and inspect all API endpoints intertwined across applications to quickly observe, troubleshoot and remediate reliability and security issues.