Unleash powerful new capabilities by tapping into your traffic as it flows to and from your apps and services.
No code changes required.
Pluggable, turn-key solutions
Customize & build with typescript or javascript
Visualize & monitor your entire web surface
Transparently route to SaaS, PaaS, and self-hosted apps / services
Leverage customer identity for intelligent solutions

Easily deploy to your edge, CDN or k8 clusters

App Owners
Gain visibility into what your customers are experiencing
  • Screenshot of what the user saw
  • Request IDs to triangulate issues quickly
  • Impact summary - understand how widespread the error is in relation to total traffic
When issues occur, see exactly what your users see with screenshots and holistic error rates so you know exactly how many users are being affected.
See it in action
Easy Setup & Deploy in 5 minutes
Catching Errors in Realtime with Screenshots
Understand Error Context with an Impact Summary
Capture Infrastructure Outages Outside of Your Control
Identify the Root Cause of an Error
Customer Care & Communication
Maintain control during outages to ensure your customers never see broken pages
Leverage turn-key landing pages with built-in communication tools. Or, redirect to your own status page or backup locations.
Let your users know that the situation is unfortunate, but under control.
Give Live updates
Sometimes users just need to know that you are in charge and professionally dealing with the situation
Customer service options
Layer on high-touch customer service options, especially for critical areas like a checkout
API Developer
The simplest way to visualize, monitor, and stabilize your APIs
Qpoint enhances your edge/CDN or Kubernetes clusters to analyze and monitor your API requests in real-time as they pass through to your endpoints
See how your API is being used
Qpoint sits in between your API users and the API endpoint and reports on your behalf. Identify trends, behaviors, and even filter by path or endpoint.
Detect every single error
Qpoint analyzes every request in real-time, rather than sampling or periodically testing endpoints. No more blindspots, when something fails you'll see it.
See exactly what was returned
Qpoint will show you what was returned, regardless of where or what happened (external dns vs internal db outage, etc) so there's no question as to what was received.
Protect and enhance with simple middleware
Add common middleware solutions to run in front of your API or write your own as simple javascript functions. Think rate limiters, white-lists, auth, input validation, or even output manipulation.
Infrastructure & Monitoring
Know about problems before your customers can report them
As issues occur, you or your team can be notified immediately. Shorten the response-time gap and ensure the impact of the issue or outage is as minimal as possible.

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