Unleash powerful capabilities by injecting javascript apps into your traffic stream
Fast js Runtimes <1ms
Simple Modern Deployment
Custom / Turn-key Solutions
Composable Stack
Apps in traffic stream
Install Anywhere
Edge / CDN
Build powerful solutions with simple Javascript
Kubernetes is complicated
Every solution requires layers of technologies and hundreds of lines of configuration. Ultimately, your workflow has to fit the tooling
Simplify. Write simple apps with powerful solutions
Perhaps the most powerful layer in the stack
Edge is hot
For good reason, it's the first point on the request path and extremely close to your users. De-coupled from your stack, the potential is infinite
Compose powerful apps from existing middleware and custom code, with a modern deployment experience you've come to expect
Add powerful, turn-key capabilities to your stack
Infrastructure is a hassle
You've delegated the hard parts of building, running, and scaling your app so you can focus on what you do best: coding your app
Crank it up and add powerful turn-key solutions directly into your http stack
Bring the serverless vibe to your custom setup
It doesn't have to be legacy
Whether you're racking and stacking or just keeping it simple EC2 style, you don't have to settle for basic
Deploy powerful apps along your data path for extremely modern workflows

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